The second Barvinskyi international competition of young pianists in Drohobych

The second Barvinskyi international competition of young pianists (12.04.2011-17.04.2011) Historical reference. Drohobych – a town situated at the foothills of Carpathians – is an important cultural and art centre of Galicia, the western region of Ukraine. The beginning of Drohobych foundation goes back to the 10-th century.In the 15-th century Drohobych became a well-known cultural centre.

285-barvinsky1The fact that in the 15-16 centuries 32 citizens of Drohobych got education at the Krakiv University partially witnesses it. One of them is Yuriy Kotermak (1450 – 1494) known under the pseudonym Yuriy Drohobych. He was the first of famous native doctors of medicine (M.D.), doctor of philosophy, rector of Bolognia University, author of the first published Slavonic book. Names of many well-known and famous people are connected with the XIXth and beginning of the XXth century Drohobych.

Here were studying or working such writers as I.Verkhatsky, O.Borkovsky, V.Stephanyk, L.Martovych, P.Kyrchiv, O.Turyansky, S.Tverdohlib, the composer O.Nyzhankivsky, opera singer M.Mentsynsky, the scientist-inventor I.Puluy, painters I.Vendzylovych, K.Ustyanovych, theatre active man J.Stadnyk.

But the brightest page of Drohobych cultural-public life was written by I.Franko (1856-1916) – a writer of world wide fame, a scientist, a known public man, that was named “Kamenyar” (Mason) by the people.

An art school, two musical schools, a music-pedagogical faculty of Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University, a musical college, named in 1995 on the occasion of its 50th anniversary after V.Barvinsky, the famous Ukrainian composer-these are those educational institutions, that educated a whole pleiad of wonderful artists-musicians. It is in particular J.Lyashenko-a composer, the professor of Kyiv National Music P.I.Tchaikovsky Academy, a pupil of Drohobych children’s musical school №1.

Famous is this land by its choral art. Far from it are well known such choral collectives as men chorals “Beskyd” and “Boyan of Drohobych”, municipal chamber choral “The Legend”, the women choral choir “Osvityanka”, The choral choir of the Pedagogical University “Gaudeamus”. And that isn’t the full list of cultural achievement of Drohobychyna. Today the Galicia land is proud of many famous names, that became a proud of cultural fame of our town.
From 1996 on the base of Barvinskyi Drohobych State Musical College young pianists’ competitions named after V.Barvinskyi, a well known composer, teacher, pianist, public man are taking place.

About 160 children became participants of these competitions. Many of them continued their education in Higher Musical Institutions of Ukraine. Some of them became laureates and diplomants of International competitions, such us “Horowitz-Debut”, “XXIst century art”, “Farbotony”, “F.Chopin’s” in Poland, “The Crimean Spring”, international competition in Madrid (Spain) and this way made famous our town and our land musical culture. In the last competition that took place in 2005 and got the status of all-Ukrainian one, more than 60 participants from 14 Ukraine regions took part. Preparation for the II – International competition is being carried out nowdays in our town.

The goal of this competition is to show out gifted children, rising of executor mastery of young musicians, propagandizing of V.Barvinskyi piano creative work, of world classic composers as well as rising of Ukraine piano art to a high level.

Competition   Conditions

The competition is carried on in three age groups:

I group (younger)

– participants born between April 15 2001 and April 14  2006;

II group (intermediate)

– participants born between April 15 1996 and April 14  2001;

III group (senior)

– participants born between April 15 1992 and April 14  1996.

Young pianists of all nationalities are allowed to take part in young pianists Barvinskyi competition. The competition is carried on in accordance with three age groups (younger, intermediate, senior).

Students of aesthetics education schools, schools of gifted children, secondary- schools of pedagogical practice of music colleges and students of music colleges take part in the competition. Laureates of previous Barvinskyi young pianists competition can take part in it again only in the next age group. Applications and all necessary documents pretenders send to the competition addres:

82100 Lviv Region

Drohobych, 3 Muzychna Street

Drohobych State Barvinskyi music college

Lemeh E. O.

Тel. +38  (244) 2-17-97, 2-40-64 (office)

+38 (244) 2-43-38 (private)

+38 (067) 924-54-21 (mobile)

E- mail: yevhen_lemeh @

The term of applications forthcoming – till February 1 2011. The pretenders of Barvinskyi young pianists competition must add  to the application the following documents:

– xerocopy of birth-certificate that testifies the participants age or passport

– two coloured glossed photos (above waist) 5×4 cm. The photos must be of high quality, suitable for printing in a booklet, and made not later than in 2011.

– documents xerocopies that certify the title “Laureate”, “Diplomants”, got earlier at different competitions.

– an application (printed in this prospect).

The sending date is defined according to the post- mark.

The Administration of the Competition is not responsible for lost documents.

Documents sent not in full or too late are not considered.

All invited participants must inform the Administration about the exact date and time of their arrival to the competition in Drogobych town till the 5th of April 2011.

The entrance fee is payed in gryvnyas equivalent to 50$ according to the exchange rate in the National Bank of Ukraine. Foreign participants will be responsible for legalization of their passports and visas.

The competition will take place from April 12 to April 17 2011 at the address:

Drogobych, 22 Shevchenko Street, the Honoured Precarpathian Song And Dance Ukraine Ensemble Verkhovyna Concert Hall.

The registration of the contestants will be held on April 12 2011 from  9 a.m. till 4 p.m. at Barvinskyi Drogobych State Musical College, room 307.

The Administration of the Competition provides free of charge:

– competitor’s nourishment from the 1st Round during his further participation in the competition;

– conditions for rehearsals;

– rehearsal for all contestants in the hall, where the competition will be held.

The contestants and accompanying persons travelling allowance to Drogobych and backward as well as the stay during the competition helding is covered at their own expense.

Prize winners of the competition are obligated to take part in the competition closing concert.

The Administration has right to broadcast, to make audio and video records of the Competition performances, and free of charge using of the recorded material without a participant’s permission.

Participation in the competition is considered as an absolute consent with its terms and regulations.

In case of the participant refusal to take part in the competition the documents and the entrance fee are not returned.

The prizes are awarded according to the Jury’s decision. Depending on competitors’ achieved results the Jury has right:

– not to award all prizes;

– to divide awards (except the first prize) among competitors.

The Jury’s dicisions are final and can’t be questioned at all stages of the Competition.

Participants that achieved the II round are awarded the title “ Diplomants “. The competition winners – the title “ Laureate “ of I, II, III degree.

The competition winners are awarded with prizes and souvenirs.

Special prizes are founded in the competition framework:

– for the best Barvinskyi’s work performance;

– for the best performance of a virtuoso etude.

The participants and their teachers will be marked with certificates for participation in the competition.

Public, charitable, music, international organizations and competition sponsors can establish for competition participants special prizes at their own expense. Awarding of these prizes must obligatory be submitted with the Jury.

In case of misunderstandings concerning the interpretation of this competition conditions the authentic text is the Ukrainian one.

Download Application for participation in the second International Vasyl Barvinskyi competition for young pianists

Download Repertory Requirements Of  Barvinskyi International Young Pianists Competition

Download Barvinskyi’s piano musical compositions

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